Innovative and Secured IaaS

for Healthcare Data Transformation, Exchange and Monitoring

What we do

Scalable and Sustainable Interoperability Solutions.

Our Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution enables you to exchange health data with a wide range of other healthcare providers. That means your patient demographic data, charge capture for billing, immunization records, lab orders/results, scheduling data, continuity of care, and other documents can be reliably transported from Point A to Points B, C, D, and E and back again. Our technology also helps you stay on top of where a message is in the process, at any given time, through a graphical dashboard application. It is all about ensuring data sharing through simplified data interfacing. The Exchange Suite topples those fragmentation barriers that make it hard for other medical providers to access the patient information they need, at the time they need it.

You can feel confident in knowing that many leading lab companies, EMR systems, state registries, and clinical repositories throughout the country use our solutions.  By using an “Integration-as-a-Service” delivery model, we have succeeded at facilitating real-time exchange of data at a highly affordable price point.

Who we serve

Ensuring data sharing through simplified data interfacing.

Hospitals and Health Systems

Collecting patient data is crucial, but moving data and transforming data for maximum usability is the real key to the success of a health system, its hospitals, physician practices and clinics. Users need data transparency and monitoring to ensure the best patient outcomes


That’s where XTi comes in.

ACO, CIN and HIE Organizations

Medical practices that band together to collaborate and negotiate through healthcare organizations may struggle because members have different EMR vendors, creating roadblocks to data exchange among diverse systems. Frustration mounts when you can’t see or monitor where shared information is in its journey to government entities.

That’s where XTi comes in.

Radiology and Diagnostics

Technology integration and interfacing issues can create ongoing business problems for labs and the practices that depend on them. Issues with data transfer and data transformation are major contributors to pervasive relationship turn and churn among labs and their customers.

That’s where XTi comes in.

EMR / PMS Software Providers

Companies that make software for EMR and PMS are constantly challenged to overcome the connectivity issues that stand in the way of potential customers readily adopting their solutions. Now more than ever, software providers want to keep their promises.

That’s where XTi comes in.

National Registries and EHR

EHR vendors are constantly challenged to improve data transformation and transmission to a wide variety of national registries greatly advancing the evidence base in health care’s effectiveness, safety, and quality.

That’s where XTi comes in.

Our Technologies

Secured solutions for integrating multi-protocol data services into your healthcare information system.

XTi has your solution for integrating multi-protocol data services into your healthcare information system. The XTi XchangeCore engine provides a comprehensive messaging platform that is stable, secure, and scalable with the ability to perform data mapping and conversion, validating message format and content as well as splitting data feeds to multiple systems. XchangeCore allows seamless interaction with all external data sources, whether they use HL7, X12, EDI, or XML or something else.

From Our Perspective

“Many EMRs can create an ORM message in theory. But the reality is that 70 percent of interface projects fail in the first year. XTi bridges the gap between the capabilities of the EMR and the capabilities of lab companies, state registries and other partners who need to receive your data. XTi makes it work end-to-end.”

“We ask hospitals what their internal Lab Information System (LIS) is capable of doing, and then we subscribe to their ways, not vice versa. The same is true when we work with an ACO (Affordable Care Organization) to help members exchange data with others, even though they have disparate EMR systems. We find a solution by looking at how each member works, one-by-one.”

“With most lab or imaging systems, the transmission of data is a black box – you simply can’t see into the interface. People have to rely on their memory about whether they saw results on a specific patient come through. The XchangeSight (XSight) creates a transparent interface so you can track the data transmission process and confirm that a report was delivered. If something was kicked out, you know to investigate immediately.”

“If you’re a physician’s office that wants to succeed in exchanging data with your lab, imaging center, state-level entities and others, EMR vendors expect you to match the way you do business to the way they do business. What XTi does is different. We ask you how you do business, and then we sit down and incorporate as much of what you have on the shelf as possible.”