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The right tools and technology partner will make collaborative community care a seamless, productive and important part of your operation

Collaborative community care is a key component for realizing the potential modern medicine has to offer today, but where do you start? First off, you do not need to have deep knowledge about electronic health record solutions or an understanding of IT-centric terms like “data interoperability” or “integration-as-a-service” to engage fellow healthcare providers and entities.  When you need to share electronic information with other healthcare service providers, pretty much all you need to know is us.  We take the guesswork and anxiety out of data sharing.  Relying on our years of experience connecting healthcare data systems like EHRs, portals, registries, labs and more, lets you stay focused on other critical matters.

XTi will make sure you get a working understanding of how to enjoy seamless, real-time data exchange with a wide range of other healthcare providers. We will deploy the necessary technology to connect you with your colleagues, enable patient engagement, and other 3rd party entities.  Leaving the information-sharing to us will allow you to focus your attention on your most important purpose, the patient.

We ask hospitals what their internal Lab Information System (LIS) is capable of doing, and then we subscribe to their ways, not vice versa. The same is true when we work with an ACO (Affordable Care Organization) to help members exchange data with others, even though they have disparate EMR systems. We find a solution by looking at how each member works, one-by-one.

ACO Solution Providers

When groups of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers come together voluntarily to provide coordinated, high-quality care to their Medicare patients, they encounter a variety of data sharing challenges. In order for each Accountable Care Organization (ACO) to gain the ability to collaborate and negotiate, they must address interoperability issues among disparate IT systems within the health care settings and insurance companies that need to connect. XTi enables the tracking of clinical data to ensure that it can be collected accurately and completely. Monitoring and alerts provide backup to ensure patient data is consistently getting where it needs to be. We go beyond data transfer to achieve data transformation.

HIE Solution Providers

Electronic health information exchange (HIE) allows health care providers and patients to access and securely share vital medical information electronically—improving the speed, quality, safety and cost of patient care. But effectively transferring immunization data from physician’s offices and other health care providers to meet meaningful use requirements goes far beyond getting disparate EMR systems and multiple HIEs in each state to speak the same language. XTi solutions can help your group send, receive, store and access pertinent patient information when it’s needed and bridges the gap with see-through interfacing capabilities that let you stay on top of specifics that can greatly impact your success.

CIN Solution Providers

A clinically integrated network (CIN) can be a fantastic system that improves the patient experience and creates fair relationships between healthcare organizations and payers. It takes work to make a CIN function optimally. When multiple health care organizations come together under the banner of a CIN, there are bound to be technical issues. When EHR systems don’t play nicely together, the very core of the CIN is threatened. XTi ensures that every node within the system can communicate effectively making it easier for patients to move between primary care physicians and specialists within the CIN. Interoperability is an integral component of a successful integrated network and XTi will work with you to adopt customized solutions that benefit the patient experience.