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Removing barriers to health data exchange

More and more imaging centers are recognizing the benefits of implementing orders and results interfaces with their referral partners.  Having an interface for receiving orders makes the whole process much more efficient for the imaging center staff as well as for their patients.  Direct electronic connections greatly reduce delays in providing critical imaging services.  Referral providers are now looking to find partners that can provide the results electronically to their EMR so they can more easily document the patient record and be prepared for follow-up visits with their patients.

XTi relieves the complexities of data exchange between RIS, PACS, EHRs and teleradiology

Integration-as-a-Service provides imaging centers many options for addressing EMR integration and other connectivity requirements.  Regardless of whether you want to deliver results with the image, results as a PDF file to your referring physician’s desktop computer, or you want a bi-directional interface delivering both orders and results into their respective systems.

Hospitals are now turning to third party providers to handle reads and other diagnostic data. XTi is well equipped to make interfacing with these outside resources simple and easy

With most lab or imaging systems, the transmission of data is a black box – you simply can’t see into the interface. People have to rely on their memory about whether they saw results on a specific patient come through. The XTi XchangeCore creates a transparent interface so you can track the data transmission process and confirm that a report was delivered. If something was kicked out, you know to investigate immediately.

Diagnostics/Lab Orders/Results

Working with many of the leading reference labs throughout the country has allowed us to gain the knowledge necessary to build interfaces that effectively connect EMR systems with the lab order systems.  Whether it’s a one-off integration or an embedded solution, we stand ready to work with an individual practice or reference lab to build a solution that works for everyone technically, logistically, financially.