With most lab or imaging systems, the transmission of data is a black box – you simply can’t see into the interface. People have to rely on their memory about whether they saw results on a specific patient come through. The XTi Dashboard creates a transparent interface so you can track the data transmission process and confirm that a report was delivered. If something was kicked out, you know to investigate immediately.

In addition to creating a much better user experience, having a transparent interface can enhance your success. For example, if you see that a client hasn’t sent you an order in several weeks, you may want to investigate whether they are shifting their business elsewhere. Or if you see that there’s a higher error count in immunizations, you can go in and figure out if you might have a training issue.

Many EMRs can create an ORM message in theory. But the reality is that 70 percent of interface projects fail in the first year. XTi bridges the gap between the capabilities of the EMR and the capabilities of lab companies, state registries and other partners who need to receive your data. XTi makes it work end-to-end.

For one of our customers in Florida, we were the 4th vendor they turned to for practice fusion. We are extremely proud that we succeeded where three others had failed.

Clients rely on XTi for what we call interfacing-as-a-service. You subscribe to our professional services instead of managing all the hardware and software updates on their own. XTi’s service is cloud-based, hub-and-spoke, with one connection and no more VPN management. It simply makes your interfacing headaches go away.

If you’re a physician’s office that wants to succeed in exchanging data with your lab, imaging center, state-level entities and others, EMR vendors expect you to match the way you do business to the way they business. What XTi does is different. We ask you how you do business, and then we sit down and incorporate as much of what you have on the shelf as possible.

We ask hospitals what their internal Lab Information System (LIS) is capable of doing, and then we subscribe to their ways, not vice versa. The same is true when we work with an ACO (Affordable Care Organization) to help members exchange data with others, even though they have disparate EMR systems. We find a solution by looking at how each member works, one-by-one.

Common infrastructure is another advantage we offer. In addition to monitoring capabilities, we offer single sign-on. Whether you have one or 10 of our services, you will have single sign-on with one to five tabs. That’s huge for enhancing user experience.

XTi provides monitoring capabilities, but we are also interactive. We give users the capability to select and correct errors and create their own reports. We are also working on proactive reporting, which means that reports will come in automatically on the schedule you choose. No login needed!