Xchange Solutions to Keep
Healthcare Data on the Move!

Xchange Solutions to Keep Healthcare Data on the Move!

XChange Solutions Suite

XTi offers a suite of applications built around a set of core services which share common capabilities such as monitoring and reporting. Here’s a quick overview:

XTi Windshield (Dashboard)

This is an all-inclusive Web Application which contains a number of XTI applications. It is intended to be the singular “portal” product which allows XTI users to use single-sign-on to login and monitor any XTI application they have access to. At the moment, XTi Windshield contains a number of applications.  The most popular are Lab Order Manager, Compendium Manager, and Insurance Manager. Various utility applications are also hosted within the portal. XTi Windshield can be used by our clients to gain visibility and control over any interface they have subscribed to.


XTEyes is a collection of services and applications that include these primary components:

XTInformer Agent – Windows service which runs on client machines.  It is responsible for the sending/receiving of data from the local workstation to services running in our data center.

XTIntake Service – Hosted Windows web service responsible for the collection of data from XTInformer agents.  It primarily integrates with Mirth, but also includes a variety of other components.

XTI Watchdog – Windows service which monitors the health of the agents and creates dynamic and daily reports bases on system status.

Control Panel – Web application used to monitor/control all aspects of the “XTEyes” system.  It has also become more of a client support tool than a client-facing application.

Xchange Service

Xchange Service is a hosted Windows web service that facilitates the transfer of data between a large number of endpoints. Although most of these endpoints are HIEs and state immunization registries, the service has also evolved to handle many other types of functions. This “transport” offering is only used internally.

Transformation Service

Transformation Service is a hosted Windows web service used to transform data. It has a wide variety of uses including, protocol conversion, document conversion, and protocol to document conversion. This service can be used by external clients.

Transaction Service

This hosted Windows web service is capable of consuming, transforming, and delivering data from one endpoint to another. Now this service has been developed as an externally facing API and is currently used for multiple purposes, primarily Lab Order Management. It also has hooks into our Transformation Service to do various forms of document conversion.

Transaction Core

This is a Windows Library containing core functionality relating to the Transaction Service.